Water Tank Cooler

Water Tank Cooler

Tempcon, provide high-quality, cooling customized process and cooling solution to customers. Tempcon is now the largest manufacturer of process chillers in Eastern India. They have experience of more than three decades in the industrial refrigeration industry.

Tempcon has a wide range of cooling process products, which include Water Chiller, Panel Cooler. Tempcon make energy efficient & reliable products which is more suitable for middle east conditions.

Tempcon Air Cooled Scroll Chiller comprises of air cooled process water chillers with cooling capacity ranging from 3 to 55 TR The range can be applied in the most diverse production areas and in this latest evolution it presents many functional advantages.

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Technical Specification

Application Area
  • Injection Moulding
  • Blow Moulding
  • MRI Machine
  • Process Cooling
  • Oil Cooling
  • Film Extrusion Line
  • Compressed Moulding
  • Industrial Process
  • Food Processing
  • Over Head Tank Water Cooling
  • Concrete Batching

The frame is made from galvanized steel, painted with epoxy powder coating. The control panel is IP-54 rated. The line can be installed indoors or outdoors with no additional protection.


Hermetic Scroll compressors (Gas R407c / R134a/ R410a) with phase sequence control system to protect compressor operation in case of power supply variations.


The air-cooled units are fitted with axial fans.

  • A-version: equipped with AC fans.
  • B-version: equipped with EC fans.
  • A-version: Copper Fin Tube condenser with Inner grooved copper tube with epoxy coating.
  • B-version: Coated aluminum microchannel condensers with corrosion resistance to provide longevity. The particular design of these condensers reduces the refrigerant charge by 30% compared to standard condensers.
  • A-Version: Copper brazed, stainless steel tube in tube type evaporator.
  • B-Version: Shell & Tube Evaporator with CS shell & Copper Evaporator.
Tank And Pump

Stainless steel pump and tank, preventing rust formation from the process water.

Control And Monitoring

Tempcon Scroll Chiller are equipped with IQ21 + Icons touch screen control panel which provides the algorithms to constantly and continuously control the chiller parameters. The interface is user-friendly and interactive. The system facilitates remote control of the working parameters for each unit allowing precise regulation of the working conditions, which are in turn beneficial to the quality and performance of the process. Sizes 4/9 are supplied with standard microprocessor control.

Certificates : CE
Eco-Design Directive

Tempcon Scroll Chiller with R410a Refrigerant, Microchannel Condenser and Electronic Expansion Valve guaranteed up to 30% more power efficient than any conventional scroll chiller.

All-in-one Installation

All components are integrated and harmonized within a sturdy frame, redesigned to reduce the overall dimensions, looking in particular to smaller models which are normally placed beside the machine.


Each unit is equipped with multiple devices granting its safe use. All probes and sensors communicate in real time with the control panel, promptly reporting functional anomalies.

Configurations To Match Your Requirements

The range can be supplied with different hydraulic and fan configurations to match your requirements and allow the chiller to be used in the most diverse environments. Oil and low temperature versions are also available on request