UV Lamps

UV Lamps

InviroTech Spectra UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System, a product from InviroTech Systems, is your shield against micro-organisms in the air you breathe. UVC rays from Spectra eliminate the mold and bacteria on fins and provide greater savings on fan operation. UVC rays keeps coils clean, which also means lesser coil maintenance.UVC rays are highly effective in killing germs without use of any harsh methods like chemical cleaning or steam injections. UVC rays are completely safe, environment-friendly and most efficient method for removing mold and bacteria from coils and drain pan surfaces. Also, by use of UVGI Systems you don’t need to worry about over dosing or storage, or get concerned with harmful by-products.

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Our Sub Product

  • AHU Mounting Type
  • Duct Mounted and FCU Series
  • Kitchen Exhaust Odor Reduction

  • LFM Series
  • FEM Series
  • VFM Series
LFM Series
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Designed as a full frame custom sized mounting for air handlers. Often provided as full kit, tailor made to suit AHU Size and includes cable connections and all needed hardware to the last bolt & nut.

  • Aluminium / SS304
FEM Series
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A standardised Kit fully assembled when supplied. The set comes complete with the lamp set ballast, and 85% Efficiency reflector and is designed to allow the user full flexibility to choose their own mounting supports for the FEM Units.

  • Aluminium / SS304
VFM Series
AHUMountingType-VFMSeries In Qatar,ShieldAgainst Micro-Organisms,Best Duct mounted UV Lamps Company In Qatar,UVC Rays In Qatar

Designed for installation in air handlers which are space constrained. UV lamps are placed vertically and there is only one cutout to be made in the top panel of AHU. Often found popular in retrofit jobs or where UV lamps are included in AHU design as an after thought. Units come with double skin, PU Insulated flange on top to prevent condensation.

  • Aluminium / SS304

  • HFM Series
HFM Series
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Meant for duct installations and also for smaller fan coil units. A small cutout is needed in the vertical surface. Units come with Double Skin, PU insulated flange mounting to prevent condensation.

  • SS304

  • ULM Series
ULM Series
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This series was originally conceived and designed for Ozone UV Installations for kitchen exhaust odor reduction. Since the air streams are not chilled, there is no need for double glass jacketed construction here. The ballasts, lamps and on/off controls are pre assembled in to one single integrated set ready for installation in ducts.

  • Aluminium / SS304