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Pressure independent control valves are an automatic temperature control valve and an automatic flow regulating valve packaged in one valve body. A ball valve with a characterized insert performs as a regular actuated temperature control valve, and a pressure control cartridge provides automatic flow regulation to maintain a constant flow of hot or chilled water regardless of system pressure changes. They are used in many closed loop HVAC applications. Systems with pressure independent control valves do not need to be balanced and rebalanced during commissioning. They regulate and maintain a constant flow to the coil as water pressure in the system varies with the changing loads. This delivers better comfort, increases energy efficiency, reduces actuator operation and reduces expensive call backs. Pressure independent valves allow the system to perform better. With the right flow to each coil, boilers and chillers are most efficient.

  • Simple planning and implementation of energy-efficient HVAC systems
  • Flexible planning thanks to continuous volumetric flow ranges and large differential pressure ranges
  • Simplified dimensioning, presetting, hydronic balancing, and commissioning
  • Easier system extension with independent pressure control

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Pressure Independent Balancing & Control valve
Pressure Independent Balancing And Control Valve,Pressure Independent Balancing And Control Valve In Qatar,PICV In Qatar

Pressure independent balancing & control Valves provide both a control functionality and dynamic balancing solution for HVAC applications. The valves eliminate flow variations occurring in variable flow systems due to pressure fluctuations at partial load condition.

Actuators for modulating control Model
Actuators For Modulating Control Model,Actuators For Modulating Control Model In Qatar,PICV Valves And Actuators In Qatar

The best results in indoor climate control are achieved by using the best possible actuators. The faster and more accurate the actuator responds to the control signal, the better the result.

FCU Link
FCU Link,FCU Link In Qatar,Pressure Independent And Control Valve,Independent And Control Valve In Qatar,Actuators In Qatar

FCU Link is an assembly of the isolation ball valves, strainers, flexible hoses and a PIBCV with a thermal insulation manufactured exclusively for the valve assembly. FCU Link is a dedicated valve package designed specifically for the connection of the Fan Coil Unit to Chilled/Hot Water piping networks of Buildings. It would give end users a 100% error free and easy installation.