Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Microwell heat Pump range has been carefully conceived and redesigned to offer a comprehensive line of heating solutions that can serve any pool size; from small residential pool to hotel or Spa and large leisure centre pools with volume exceeding 400m3. Microwell heat pumps also designed for full year heating of internal and external pools. Microwell has also designed special winter accessories allowing heat pumps to work effectively by -15 deg C.

Market's Most Efficient Solution

Efficiency of Microwell heat pumps is proven to be the best. Designed to reach the top results, they are able to extract heat or cold present in ambient environment and leverage it into the pool water. While heating, higher the ambient air temperature is, the more free energy can the heat pump extract operating with high efficiency. At favourable conditions users of Microwell heat pumps pay less than 15% of heat meaning 85% of the heat is free.

Models :-
  • HP 1000 | 40 m3 (Compact omega & Split omega)
  • HP 1100 | 40 m3 (Compact premium & Split Premium)
  • HP 1400 | 60 m3 (Compact omega & Split omega)
  • HP 1500 | 60 m3 (Compact premium & Split Premium)
  • HP 1700 | 70 m3 (Compact & Split)
  • HP 2300 | 80 m3 (Inventor Compact & Inventor Split)
  • HP 2400 | 80 m3 (Premium Compact & Premium Split)
  • HP 2800 | 120 m3 (Inventor Compact & Inventor Split)
  • HP 3000 | 120 m3 (Premium Compact & Premium Split)

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